British Crusader Gun Tractor & 17 PDR

Size: 1/76 - Gun on Tow
Sale price£15.00


3D Printed British Crusader Gun Tractor & 17PDR

Designed in house by our very own Badger Sett Studios. A very detailed kit. The tractor & gun are printed separately as single piece prints.

Perfect for any WWII game setting - available in a range of scales, just ask and we'll get a price to you.

!!Important!! Please ensure you have checked the main shop page for current lead times. These timescales will change based on how busy we are.

All miniatures are printed at high quality resolution with the appropriate resin. Everything will be cleaned and prepped prior to dispatch.

We run a print to order service with multiple printers operating 24/7, if you have a specific print requirement in either FDM or resin please get in touch and quotes will be supplied. All models in this collection are available individually, please let us know if you require separate prints.

Be aware that all resin prints use supports to ensure successful printing, we will remove and clip these but some filing may be required. If a miniature is big enough that we have printed it hollow then you will need to clean and fill where the drainage holes have been situated.

Please note that we do our best to print in grey but given the state of the world our print colour may vary depending on what we can get hold of at the time.

The Badger 3D Creations Team.

Customer Reviews

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Stephen Doyle
British Crusader Gun Tractor & 17 PDR

A high quality 3D Print which only requires minor preparation before it ready to paint. It also includes some replica 17pdr ammunition and boxes and a choice of deployed or towed gun.

Allan JD
Crusader gun tractor and towed 17 pdr AT gun

Very useful tow for late WWII British. So good I've ordered another one.

Beautiful, sharp print.

Excellent representation of this vehicle. Detail is sharp and clear. The 17 pdr. is very nice with the exception of the spades. When being towed, which is this configuration, the spades were folded up on top of the trails. They are depicted here in the deployed mode, which would make the gun difficult/impossible to tow as they would drag on the ground.

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