The vast majority of our models are made using a photopolymer resin to provide stunningly crisp details. We use mainly grey, but sometimes there are supply shortages, so colours may vary.

Terrain items are printed using ploy lactic acid, a non-toxic material utilised by FDM machines.

All models are sent unpainted and some may require assembly. If an item comes in multiple parts, there will be a parts diagram on the individual product page.

To preserve items in shipping, some items may still come on their support structure, or in a protective cage. The model will need to be removed from this cage prior to assembly.

All models are sent thoroughly cleaned of resin residue using our unique in house system. No further cleaning in this regard should be required.

Your model will likely still have either support structure or micro supports in place. Larger supports can be carefully removed with modelling clippers, micro supports can be carefully flicked off with a craft knife (be careful).

Superglue or epoxy should be used on all Badger 3D Models.

Plastic cement will not work.

Most paints will work.

We personally recommend acrylic undercoats and paints. These can be found in all hobby stores and online.

For great painting and modelling tips, consider joining our Facebook group by clicking HERE, our community has a wealth of knowledge

Price, Tax & Duties

We only collect VAT in the UK, this is included in the displayed price.

All prices for overseas customers are displayed without tax. International customers are responsible for any duties or taxes owed in their own country.


Yes, we ship all over the world. International shipping is free on all orders over £60 (after discounts).

Everything is made to order.We have a production lead time of between 3-4 weeks plus shipping. Large scale items of 1/48 up to 1/24 have an additional 7 working days lead time. We will always try and dispatch items as quickly as we can.

The delivery date provided at checkout is an estimate

Our main shipping provider is Royal Mail. For international orders over 2KG we will use USPS or Global Shipping Partners.