Huge Medieval Mansion

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An amazing 3D printed Massive Medieval Mansion - created by Black Scroll Games and proudly printed by Badger 3D Creations

Printed in premium PLA+  at 0.2mm layer height. This piece comes in 3 large parts, unpainted but will paint no problem if you use and acrylic primer first. 

Due to the nature of FDM some layer lines will be visible but are mostly invisible after painting. We print with brims to ensure no warping in order that your print is ready with as little time wasted as possible, this may mean that there is some residual flashing on print bases that will need to be carefully removed with a craft knife.

We print with very high quality printers and spend a lot of time on our settings. You may see these prints a few pence cheaper elsewhere, but we are passionate about quality and we're sure you'll be happy with your purchase from us.

!!Important!! Please ensure you have checked the main shop page for current lead times. These timescales will change based on how busy we are.

If you have any queries please feel free to get in touch with us - as authorised print partners we can supply the complete Black Scroll Games range.

This listing is for the building print only, not scenery or the light kit. If you require a light kit making please get in touch with us directly as we can accommodate.

Many thanks
Badger 3D Creations


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