CD-1R Crusader Mech

Size: 6mm
Sale price£6.00


Crusader Mech  Hex Base

A superb sculp, printed in high quality resolution with the appropriate resin, under licence from Syllogy

!!Important!! Please ensure you have checked the main shop page for current lead times. These timescales will change based on how busy we are.

As with all resin prints this piece uses supports, there may be some tidying to do but we will do our best to minimise this. We will clean and cure all miniature prior to dispatch.

We will always do our best to print in grey but with the state of the world we will print in whatever colour we can get if there is a shortage.

!!Important! Please ensure you have checked and are happy with the estimated delivery date at checkout. These timescales will change based on how busy we are. We will work to the estimated delivery date provided at time of purchase.

Actual pictures incoming, they're on the job list. Just check out the feedback from our other mechs though. If you need a different scale just ask.

If you have any files of your own you'd like printing please feel free to get in touch for a quote, we're more than happy to carry out commission work.

All the best
The Badger 3D Creations Team.

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