British Trojan Armoured Engineers Vehicle

Size: 1/100 - 15mm
Sale price£16.00


3D Printed British Trojan

Perfect for any modern warfare game setting - available in a range of scales, just ask and we'll get a price to you.

This is a very detailed five piece print. The designer has done a tremendous job on this sculpt. 

All miniatures are printed on high resolution printers with the appropriate resin. Everything will be cleaned and prepped prior to dispatch.

!! Important !! Please ensure you have checked and are happy with the estimated delivery date at checkout. These timescales will change based on how busy we are. We will work to the estimated delivery date provided at time of purchase.

We run a print to order service with multiple printers operating 24/7, if you have a specific print requirement in either FDM or resin please get in touch and quotes will be supplied. All models in this collection are available individually, please let us know if you require separate prints.

Be aware that all resin prints use supports to ensure successful printing, we will remove and clip these but some filing may be required. If a miniature is big enough that we have printed it hollow then you will need to clean and fill where the drainage holes have been situated.

Please note that we do our best to print in grey but given the state of the world our print colour may vary depending on what we can get hold of at the time.

If you have any problems please get in touch with us direct and we will do our best to rectify the situation. Thank you for taking the time to look at our listing.

The Badger 3D Creations Team.


Customer Reviews

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Sean Purnell
British Trojan AEV

Another lovely model, I love their range of modern British equipment, again a very crisp print great detail and little to no clean up required. I eagerly await their future releases hopefully they will include the Ajax/Aries vehicles

Graham Matthews
Trojan AVRE 1/76

This is an impressive beast. The roadwheels needed a little extra attention in that each should have a ring of 15 holes that are not present on the 3D printed parts. I drilled these manually under a stereo microscope using a 0.5 mm drill in a pin chuck. I also drilled out the antenna mounts with a 0.3 mm drill in order to locate antennae made from entomological pins. These are more durable than stretched sprue.

All the images of the full scale vehicle I have show side skirts, so I added these using plastic card.

I am very pleased with the model. It is an excellent and unusual addition to my collection.

The attached images show the finished model and also show how the road wheels were modified.

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