Australian AS21 Redback

Size: 1/100 - 15mm
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3D Printed Australian AS21 Redback

Designed in house by our very own Badger Sett Studios. A very detailed three piece print.

Perfect for any modern warfare setting, or just as a collectors piece - available in a range of scales, just ask and we'll get a price to you.

!!Important!! Please ensure you have checked the main shop page for current lead times. These timescales will change based on how busy we are.

All miniatures are printed at high quality resolution with the appropriate resin. Everything will be cleaned and prepped prior to dispatch.

We run a print to order service with multiple printers operating 24/7, if you have a specific print requirement in either FDM or resin please get in touch and quotes will be supplied. All models in this collection are available individually, please let us know if you require separate prints.

Be aware that all resin prints use supports to ensure successful printing, we will remove and clip these but some filing may be required. If a miniature is big enough that we have printed it hollow then you will need to clean and fill where the drainage holes have been situated.

Please note that we do our best to print in grey but given the state of the world our print colour may vary depending on what we can get hold of at the time.

The Badger 3D Creations Team.

Customer Reviews

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Badger Australian AS21 Redback in 1/72 scale

Even during its commitment to Afghanistan, Australia's M113A4s were obsolete and undeployable. Given the M113 platform had its roots in the 1960s Vietnam War, Australia desperately needed a modern MICV. Two contenders were selected for an extended evaluation programme, being the Rheinmetall Lynx and the Hanwha AS21 Redback from South Korea (a K21 with Australian modifications). In 2023 the Australian Government ordered 129 Redbacks as opposed to the anticipated 450. The Badger offering (mine are 1/72) is well scaled and highly detailed featurning rear vision mirrors, 7.62 Remote Weapons Station and perforated rear cargo rack. The price point was attractive at AUD$34 and the Redback paints up well.
Other Australian offerings from Badger include the Bushmaster PMV, the smaller Hawkeii PMV, the Boxer Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle (with Lynx turret), The Boxer AFV with 12.7mm MG RMS, the G-Wagon, Abrams M1A1 MBT, M777 howitzer, HIMARS, as well as a selection of excellent HX MAN trucks.
One of the outstanding things that defines Badger 3D is that the modeller or war gamer can obtain a model while the real thing is still in procurement phase and this is certainly the case with the AS21 Redback MICV.
Well done Badger!

Nicolas Dhuicq

Easy to paint vehicles finely moulded

Victor Szitniak
Superb detail

I was impressed with the quality of the detail of the models

Simon Lawrence

It's a nice model but the rear view mirrors are very fragile. The cannon and Mg barrels needed straightening as well.

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