9K330 TOR (SA-15 Gauntlet)

Size: 1/100 - 15mm
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3D Printed 9K330 TOR (SA-15 Gauntlet)

Perfect for any modern warfare game setting - available in a range of scales, just ask and we'll get a price to you.

This is a detailed single piece print.

All models are printed as soon as we get them to ensure quality prior to selling.

All miniatures are printed on high resolution printers with the appropriate resin. Everything will be cleaned and prepped prior to dispatch.

!!Important!! Please ensure you have checked the main shop page for current lead times. These timescales will change based on how busy we are.

We run a print to order service with multiple printers operating 24/7, if you have a specific print requirement in either FDM or resin please get in touch and quotes will be supplied. All models in this collection are available individually, please let us know if you require separate prints.

Be aware that all resin prints use supports to ensure successful printing, we will remove and clip these but some filing may be required. If a miniature is big enough that we have printed it hollow then you will need to clean and fill where the drainage holes have been situated.

Please note that we do our best to print in grey but given the state of the world our print colour may vary depending on what we can get hold of at the time.

If you have any problems please get in touch with us.

The Badger 3D Creations Team.

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Badger 3D 9K330 TOR (SA-15 Gauntlet) in 1/72 scale

The 9K330 TOR (SA-15 Gauntlet) is a short range surface to air missile system designed to give armoured formations air defence from 12 - 16km out.

It has been in service since the mid 1980s and was revolutionary at the time with its vertical launch missile system from within a turret, which reveals a naval design contribution and commonality in the Russian navy as the 3K95 Kinzhal.

The SA-15 Gauntlet is the mainstay of Russian air defence in the invasion of Ukraine, however a number have been abandoned and at least 1 SA-15 platform has fallen victim to the improvised unmannned aerial vehicle they were designed to protect against.

Between 1996 and 2000 the People's Republic of China bought 35 to 60 SA-15s. The PRC later reverse-engineered their own enlarged version, the HQ17, after the Russians refused the PRC a licence to locally produce the SA-15 Gauntlet.

The Badger offering is scaled well and paints up nicely. The Badger SA-15 Gauntlet depicts an early model with 6 road wheels either side, instead of the 7 depicted in most photographs of the Gauntlet. The St. Petersburg Military Museum in Russia has a 6 wheeled version on a GM series chassis in common with the TUNGUSKA AA platform, most likely built by the Minsk Tractor Works (MTZ) in Belarus. The modern 7 road wheeled version is manufactured by the Mytischi Machine - Building Plant in Russia.

Badger 3D donates a small amount of the purchase price of its models to humanitarian relief in Ukraine, so do yourself and Ukraine a favour and purchase your Badger 3D 9K330 TOR (SA-15 Gauntlet) as a force for good!

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