3D Printed Space Marine Inspired Dice Tower

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3D Printed Space Marine Inspired Dice Tower Whilst not as highly detailed as some of our other dice towers this gothic Space Marine tower will make a great addition to anyone's collection.

!!Important!! Please ensure you have checked the main shop page for current lead times. These timescales will change based on how busy we are.

Printed in premium PLA+ at 2mm layer height on Prusa MK3s machines. This model comes as a single part unpainted but will paint no problem if you use and acrylic primer first.

As with all FDM prints some prep work will be required prior to painting. Be VERY careful with the sword handles as they are fragile. Most rough edges from support material will be removed prior to shipping although some may remain.

Dice are for scale and not included in sale.

Many thanks Badger 3D Creations

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